Primary Prevention Research Forum

Primary Prevention Research Forum – Feb  5 2014

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 How can primary prevention research best support healthier lives in Manitoba?

The Heart and Stroke Foundation in Manitoba, with support from the Manitoba Health Research Council, is exploring themes in research and how those trends impact primary prevention research in our province.

For example, there is increasing focus on measuring and tracking outcomes in primary prevention.  Within Manitoba, key stakeholders have funded an analysis of the economic burden of smoking, physical inactivity and excess weight.  The latest results show that these three risk factors alone cost the health care system more than $610 million annually – and cost the overall economy close to $2 billion annually.

Beyond Manitoba, national organizations like the Heart and Stroke Foundation are also committing to outcomes with their latest strategic plan aiming at reducing risk factors for heart disease and stroke by 10% by 2020.

 There is also increasing interest in how the traditional “pillars” of research can best collaborate. 

On February 5, these themes will be discussed with primary prevention researchers focusing on how to increase investment in primary prevention research and make those investments work for Manitobans.

We are inviting Manitoba researchers to join the discussion and share their research activities and insights into shaping and strengthening primary prevention in Manitoba.

For more info about the forum, contact Christine Houde ( 204.949.2015

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