Board Members

Research Manitoba's Board appointments are made by Lieutenent Governor in Council on the recommendation of the minister. The Board will consist of at least nine but not more than 17 directors.
      • Ms. Tracey Maconachie (Chair)
        President, Bioscience Association of Manitoba
      • Dr. Digvir Jayas  (Vice-Chair)
        Interim President of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada and Vice-President (Research and International), Office of the President, University of Manitoba
      • Dr. Rashid Ahmed
        PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences,
        Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba
      • Ms. Doreen Bilodeau
        Former General Manager, North American Plastics
      • Dr. Hani El-Gabalawy
        Professor of Medicine and Immunology, Endowed Rheumatology Research Chair, University of Manitoba
      • Mr. Luis Escobar
        Professional Engineer and member of the Transportation Association of Canada and Institute of Transportation Engineers
      • Mr. Earl Gardiner
        Founder and Executive Chairman of RANA Respiratory Care Group
      • Mr. Chris Johnson
        Co-founder and CEO, Permission Click Inc.
      • Ms. Andrea Legary
        Senior Manager, Global Research and Development and Government Incentives, Deloitte
      • Ex Officio Non-Voting:
      • Ms. Jan Forster
        Deputy Minister, Province of Manitoba
        Economic Development and Training
      • Ms. Karen Herd
        Deputy Minister, Province of Manitoba
        Health, Seniors and Active Living
      • Mr. Philip Houde
        Chief Executive Officer
        Economic Development Office