Research Connections

The Research Connections program has reached its capacity. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any more applications at this time.


In the 2017 Provincial Budget, Research Manitoba received a $2 million cut to its budget, which is now $15 million annually. 

Please be aware that with our recent budget cut and current strategic planning process, there could be significant changes for, and possible cancellations of, existing programs. We are currently working through this process and we will share more information in the last week of April, 2018. 

We understand that this may bring about substantial changes and we greatly appreciate your patience as we work through this.


The Research Connections program provides matching funding to support research conferences, workshops, research days and like events. Its purpose is to promote the advancement and exchange linkages between and among researchers and others.

Supported events must focus on an area of research, in the health, natural and social sciences, engineering and the humanities in Manitoba.

The program is offered annually, subject to funding availability.

Research Manitoba support through this program:
• May be up to a maximum of $5,000 per event;
• Must be matched at least equally by other financial support.

To be eligible, the event must:
• Fit with Research Manitoba’s mandate and objectives
• Foster the advancement or exchange of research knowledge;
• Involve researchers from more than one discipline, as well as students, professionals, policy-makers or community members as appropriate;
• Encourage national and international participate, as appropriate; and
• Not be part of a regular weekly or monthly series (e.g., not a departmental seminar series or training program).

At least two months before the event, submit all requirements listed on the Application Checklist for Research Connections Sponsorship.

Requests and opportunities will be reviewed internally.

The final decision will be made by the CEO within the limits of funding available for the program. Applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome.