Impact Narratives

Impact narratives are developed by Research Manitoba to:
  • highlight the achievements of research in Manitoba,
  • link the outcomes and impacts to the original research,
  • and communicate the impacts of research to a wide variety of audiences such as academics, industry members, community groups, the public and other users of research findings.

Kidney Transplant Research Impact Narrative

Kidney transplant research has focused on subclinical rejection i.e. the rejection of kidney grafts despite presenting normally clinically, an area of research that was pioneered in Manitoba.Kidney transplant research in Winnipeg has led to the standardization of care and contributed to the development of the kidney paired donation program nationally. The translation of the discoveries in kidney transplant research conducted in Winnipeg since the early 1980s has made a great contribution to the improvement in the health of people with kidney transplants not only in Canada but globally.Click here to read the full Impact Narrative

Composites and Biocomposites Research Impact narrative

The impact narrative on composites shows how the research work conducted by CIC and its clients unfolded into many impacts that can now be observed.In Manitoba, composites and biocomposites research formally started with the establishment of the Composites Innovation Centre (CIC), a not-for-profit corporation in 2003. The goal of the organization is to support and stimulate the growth of the composites sector in Manitoba and Canada through the application of composites materials and technologies for manufacturing industries. Today, as a leader in the composites application sector, the CIC has become well known for its groundbreaking research activities and discoveries across various sectors such as, aerospace, mining, curling sport, and ground transportationThe narrative focuses on four projects:
  • an operating system enclosure for Sandvik to be used in harsh mining conditions;
  • an interior panel created in partnership with Rockwell Collins for a Pilatus aircraft;
  • cutting edge technology (i.e. a new resin system) for designing and manufacturing baggage doors of Motor Coach Industries (MCI), that was later adopted by most of the ground transportation industry in Manitoba;
  • and, the development of broom handles and heads for the sport of curling with Sande Curling Innovations (SCI).
Click here to read the full Impact Narrative

Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRPs) and Structural Health Monitoring Research Impact narrative

SIMTReC (Structural Innovation and Monitoring Technologies Resource Centre) is a globally recognized organization focused on advanced composite building materials and structural monitoring innovations.The Centre is dedicated to continued advancement in high-level user-focused research and innovation for construction materials, advanced technologies and structural monitoring using sensors – for buildings/bridge structures, and heavy vehicles and equipment.To highlight the achievements of SIMTReC an impact narrative was created and features the impact of SIMTReC’s research and innovation on the use of fiber reinforced polymers (FRPs) and structural health monitoring (SHM) in infrastructures, which is evident in the public and private sectors. The research and knowledge translation activities carried out by SIMTReC since 1995 has established the foundation for current and future entrepreneurs and business opportunities in Manitoba, Canada, and around the world.Click here to read the full Impact Narrative

Interpersonal Violence Research Impact Narrative

RESOLVE’S research and knowledge translation activities on interpersonal violence (IPV) in Canada has changed perspectives and interventions regarding IPV from one dimensional to a multidimensional understanding of this complex issue. IPV encompasses all forms of violence and abuse directed towards people who are in a relationship with one another. Additionally, the narrative presents the results of evidence informed systemic changes in the criminal justice and social service systems and the role RESOLVE played in the provision of relevant evidence.RESOLVE is a Tri-provincial research network with offices at the Universities of Manitoba, Regina, and Calgary.Click here to read the full Impact Narrative