Matching Funding Programs

The Research Manitoba Matching Funding Program is a provincial mechanism that aims to provide funding to national programs where additional money (i.e., an amount that matches, to some degree, the funds provided by the national grant), is required or is beneficial but not a necessary part of the national program grant. An example of a national program that has a matching component as part of its application process is the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s (CIHR) Strategy on Patient Oriented Research (SPOR).

Parameters of applying to Research Manitoba’s Matching Funding Program include:

-The research application must be for funding to federal/national agencies which require matching support;

- The applications must be made from a post-secondary institution. Applications from individual researchers will not be accepted;

- The funding coming into Manitoba from the federal agency must be matched at least 1:1 with the research Manitoba funding;

- Research Manitoba requires an application form, CV of the lead researcher and ongoing reporting about the grant;

- Research Manitoba generally accepts the results of the peer review process undertaken by the federal agency and the subsequent funding decisions of the federal agency.

We are currently developing an information guide for this program. In the meantime, please contact our helpdesk if you have any questions.

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