Master’s Studentships

June 11, 2019
2019 Grants & Awards Competition

Research Manitoba and our partners are pleased to announce the successful recipients for the 2019 Grants & Awards Competition!

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The purpose of the Master's Studentships support highly qualified Master's trainees in health, the social sciences and humanities, and the natural sciences and engineering, to prepare for careers as independent researchers in industry or within Manitoba’s research enterprise. All awards consist of an annual stipend for up to a maximum of one year.

Please note that the following criteria will be held as part of the competitive, peer review process for all applicants. Only those that meet/exceed these are encouraged to apply:

i. Potential of the applicant. Key aspects that will be of particular note to the review committee includes:
• The education history and trajectory of the applicant
• The training and experience the applicant has had
• Academic achievement (e.g., a strong GPA above 4.0)
• The publication of peer-reviewed manuscripts
• Strong letters of reference
• The ability of the applicant to successfully complete the project

ii. The quality of the proposed research project including the importance and originality of the research problem and the information sought, the adequacy of the research design, feasibility, and promise of the methods proposed;

iii. The quality of the applicant’s research environment including the suitability of the facility, strength of the supervisor’s research program and potential for candidate to develop research skills and expertise.

In the 2019 Competition there will be up to 8 Master’s Studentships awarded in each category (health, social sciences and the humanities, natural sciences and engineering).

Everything you will need to apply can be found in the following guides:
Master's Studentship Program Guide
GMS User Guide for Applicants

Everything your Supervisor and Department Head will need to know can be found in the: GMS User Guide for Supervisors and Department Heads

Everything your Referees will need to know about submitting a letter can be found in the: 
Referee Instruction Guide