Innovation Proof-Of-Concept Grant

Research Manitoba’s Innovation Proof-of-Concept Grant Expression of Interest deadlines have changed, please review the deadline dates listed in the table below.

The Program Guide will be updated on a continuous basis. Please use the program guide link listed in the table below to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version.

For more information regarding this program please refer to our Finance and Administration Guide. For successful candidates seeking an extension to their project, please refer to our Project Extension Form.

For inquiries about the Innovation Proof-of-Concept Grant, please contact:

The Innovation Proof-of-Concept Grant aims to strengthen Manitoba-based research innovation and development projects, by filling a funding gap in the Manitoba innovation ecosystem. Through two independent streams, this program provides funding for innovation and commercialization research that is not otherwise accessible. Funds from this program help support activities directly related to process validation and proof-of-concept research. 

Funding is targeted towards Bioscience, ICT, Advanced Manufacturing, and Infrastructure and Transportation Industries and Technologies. 

Stream 1: Manitoba-Based Consortium supports local collaboration that is addressing a company specific discovery or innovation towards market usability. This stream allows academics to use their world-class knowledge, facilities, and highly qualified personnel (HQP) to close the knowledge gaps identified during the industry partner’s innovation development.

Stream 2: Manitoba Post-Secondary Researchers supports the advancement of discoveries or innovations within an academic setting, which may result in products or technologies, towards market usability.

Competition Overview

Value:Up to $150,000 (Stream 1: Manitoba-Based Consortium)
Up to $100,000 (Stream 2: Manitoba Post-Secondary Researchers)
Duration:2 Years
Deadline:Next deadlines to be announced

Application and review stages: 

  • EOI Deadline: February 15th, 2024
  • EOI Review: 3-6 weeks
  • Full Proposal: By invitation only
  • Full Proposal Review: ~8 weeks
  • Decisions: Once reviews are complete

Any other questions, please contact