Grant Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement of Research Manitoba financial support for your research fosters an appreciation of the important role funding plays in making good science happen.

Grantees and award recipients are required to acknowledge Research Manitoba funding whenever possible, verbally or in writing.

In the case of partnership awards and grants, please acknowledge the financial support provided by Research Manitoba and the partner.

Research Manitoba requires that recipients recognize our support by using the Research Manitoba logo on posters, presentations, and other similar printed material.

Research Manitoba Logo Branding Guidelines:

  1. Our logo is the main element of our brand and a reflection of our values and work. As our signature, our logo must be used consistently across all our communications and must not be recreated. Only official versions are allowed to be used via an authorized logo file obtained from Research Manitoba.
  2. Whenever our logo needs to be placed on a coloured background, photograph, or textured background, a single colour version of the logo must be utilized, with black or white as the main choices.
  3. To ensure full legibility, our logo must be surrounded by a clear safe area and not placed right against another logo or border.
  4. By defining minimum sizes for each version of the logo, we ensure all the elements will be easy to read and identify. Please ensure our logo is always displayed at a minimum of 1″ / 75 px on its shortest side.
  5. The Research Manitoba logo must not be edited or manipulated in any way.
  6. Please refrain from using outdated or non-approved versions of our logo.


    Please contact Research Manitoba’s Help Desk by email at or by phone at 204-775-1096 for any inquiries about utilizing our logo. 

    Below are links to the current 3 variations of our logos in .png format approved for use in grant or sponsorship recognition, please right click on the appropriate image and choose “save link(target) as”.

Research Manitoba Website and Social Media Information to include in posts: