Impact Framework

Interest in the impacts of research is driven by public calls to action for accountability of research conducted with public funds. Research Manitoba defines research impact as the effect(s) that research has within and beyond academia.

In general, research impacts take three forms:

  • Instrumental – influencing awareness, thinking, perceptions, behavior, decision making that leads to economic, technological, environmental, and social/cultural benefits
  • Conceptual – influencing the creation or augmentation of knowledge
  • Capacity – improving the ability to conduct research through the enhancement of researchers’ capabilities and the infrastructure required to conduct research.

Research Manitoba’s framework captures these research impact(s) and will:

  • Communicate the value of funded research to scholars, practitioners, government decision makers, and the general public, and
  • Assist researchers to articulate the significance of their research and strategically align with the goals of other researchers or external organizations locally, nationally, and/or internationally.