Impact Framework

In 2014, Research Manitoba’s (formerly the Manitoba Health Research Council or MHRC) new mandate became “to promote, support and coordinate the funding of research in the disciplines of health, natural and social sciences, engineering and the humanities”. Because of the broader scope of the mandate, we decided to revisit/review our research impact framework.

Previously, Research Manitoba applied the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) impact framework, launched in 2009, in measuring the impacts of health research throughout the last seven years. The CAHS framework illustrates the initiation and diffusion of health research impacts, and looks at impacts in five categories: advancing knowledge, building capacity, informing decision making, health impacts, and broad socio-economic impacts.

Presently, we are expanding the CAHS impact framework to measure the outputs, outcomes, and impacts generated by research in the Natural Sciences and Engineering (NSE) and Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) disciplines in addition to the health disciplines. 

Adapting the framework to be more inclusive has put us at the forefront in measuring the impacts of research and allows us the opportunity to share this approach to a national audience.

We have surveyed the NSE and SSH research community in Manitoba and are currently in the process of reviewing the data to ensure we encompass the respondents’ feedback.

If there are changes or additions to the framework we will update the document, but until then here is:

Research Manitoba’s Impact Framework