Impact Reports

Research Manitoba develops impact reports to link outcomes and impacts to the original research and communicate the impacts of research to a wide variety of audiences such as academics. industry, community groups. the public, and other users of research findings.

The first report that was created was based on an impact narrative prepared by Ashley Pearson, M.A., Evaluation Consultant & Ambrosio Catalla on kidney transplant research in Manitoba.

Read about the impacts the research has had in our province and around the world here.

Kidney transplant research in Manitoba has been unfolding since the early 1980s and has developed substantially within the past decade and for the purpose of the narrative, the kidney transplant research was confined to the period between the 1990s to the present and divided into three areas/topics:

– Subclinical rejection and non-invasive diagnostic urine testing,
– Pre-transplant assessment: HLA cross- matching antibodies/flow cytometery, and
– Post-transplant outcome studies.

Coming soon!  
The full impact narrative.