Projects will drive progress in radiation therapy, sleep apnea treatments, space mining robotics, corrosion-resistant pipes, and diagnostic markers of genetic diseases.

January 23, 2024 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Today, Research Manitoba announces a total investment of $549,987 over two years in research funding to support five new Innovation Proof-of-Concept (IPoC) Grants. Research Manitoba’s investment will leverage industry funds and will support Manitoba-based projects in the areas of:

  • Bioscience – Dr. Donald Miller; Professor Zahra Moussavi; Dr. Ayesha Saleem
  • Infrastructure, transportation and technologies ­– Dr. Song Lui
  • Advanced manufacturing ­– Dr. Pooneh Maghoul

Please join us in congratulating the successful grant candidates, and learn more about their projects here.

The IPoC Grant strengthens a diverse range of Manitoba industries by bridging the funding gap between research projects’ concept and production through supporting activities directly related to process validation and proof-of-concept research.

This program provides funding through two streams:

  • IPoC Stream 1: Manitoba-Based Consortium supports the collaboration of academic researchers and local companies to address a company-specific discovery or innovation toward market usability. This stream allows academics to use their world-class knowledge, facilities, and highly qualified personnel to close the knowledge gaps identified during the industry partner’s innovation development.
  • IPoC Stream 2: Manitoba Post-Secondary Researchers supports the advancement of discoveries or innovations within an academic setting, which may result in products or technologies, towards market usability. These projects engage post-secondary students, giving them skills and opportunities to contribute to innovative solutions.

“We are excited to announce the latest round of our Innovation Proof of Concept grants. These pioneering projects not only demonstrate the potential for groundbreaking scientific advancements, but also showcase the global success of Manitoba-based research,” says Pam Harrison, Interim CEO of Research Manitoba.

“The Government of Manitoba values partnerships that promote research excellence across diverse sectors of our economy. Our collaboration on this grant supports the careers of emerging researchers and plays a pivotal role in developing innovative products with a global reach, benefiting everyone,” said Renée Cable, Minister of Advanced Education and Training.

Find out more about the Innovation Proof-of-Concept Program here




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