Manitoba COVID-19 Research Fund

The Manitoba COVID-19 Research Fund Interim Report provides an overview of the research and impact the Manitoba COVID-19 Research Fund has had in the global fight against COVID-19. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge the health and well-being of citizens and health systems around the world, research provides important insights and tools to combat the disease.

Research has helped us to better understand COVID-19 and how it spreads through the testing and development of therapies, vaccines, diagnostic tools and public health interventions. Manitoba researchers and companies have been at the forefront of these developments, and Research Manitoba is proud to have supported the work they do.

The interim report captures the work of Manitoba researchers and companies as of April 2021.

Research Manitoba COVID-19 Research Fund

Through the Manitoba COVID-19 Research Fund we provided the following opportunities:

Manitoba COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant

This program supported clinical trials and applied health research projects related to COVID-19.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships funding supported opportunities related to the Rapid Response Grant including both clinical trials and applied health research projects. We are proud to have partnered with the following organizations to support this research: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, and the Victoria General Hospital Foundation.

COVID-19 Innovation Proof-of-Concept (IPoC) Grant

These funds supported innovative research projects from Manitoba-based companies working towards new technologies to support the COVID-19 pandemic response, and support long term job creation for these companies.

 Funded Research Projects

Results from the Manitoba COVID-19 Research Fund Rapid Response Grant were announced on September 4, 2020. Click here to read the full release.

In addition to the Manitoba COVID-19 Research Fund, Research Manitoba provided $800,000, in partnership with Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to support three Manitoba based projects, which are developing vaccines and new diagnostic tools and understanding how logistical chains are modified during a pandemic.