Natural Sciences and Engineering Research

  • NEWS:
    In the 2017 Provincial Budget, Research Manitoba received a $2 million cut to its budget, which is now $15 million annually. 

    Please be aware that with our recent budget cut and current strategic planning process, there could be significant changes for, and possible cancellations of, existing programs. We are currently working through this process and we will share more information in the last week of April, 2018. 

    We understand that this may bring about substantial changes and we greatly appreciate your patience as we work through this.


    As part of its mandate to promote and support, and coordinate the funding of, research in the health, natural and social sciences, engineering and the humanities in Manitoba, Research Manitoba is happy to highlight the funding of programs targeted at NATURAL SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING (NSE) trainees and investigators.

    Research Manitoba will continue to consult with stakeholders in the NSE community to identify the needs of the research community, and will move towards broadening our programming as additional sources of funding become available in the coming years.