Health Research Postdoctoral Fellowship

June 11, 2019
2019 Grants & Awards Competition

Research Manitoba and our partners are pleased to announce the successful recipients for the 2019 Grants & Awards Competition!

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For 2019 Research Manitoba is holding a joint health research graduate studentship competition with the following partner institutions:

• CancerCare Manitoba Foundation

• Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM) supported by the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba


Postdoctoral Fellowships support highly qualified postdoctoral trainees to prepare for careers as independent health researchers. These exceptional trainees significantly increase the productivity of the research programs with which they are affiliated. All awards consist of an annual stipend and a travel allowance.

To be eligible, the applicant:
i. Must hold, at the time of latest possible start date of September 1st, either a Ph.D. degree in a health-related field or a health professional degree, such as an MD, DDS, DVM, BSc in Pharmacy, or equivalent;
ii. Must not have more than three years of post-PhD cumulative experience and/or research training by the competition deadline (this calculation is based on the first PhD degree obtained, regardless of discipline, either course-based or research-based). Interruptions, delays or post- degree clinical training in your post-PhD cumulative experience and/or research training may be considered in determining eligibility if information on the interruption is provided;
iii. Must not simultaneously hold a university faculty appointment or equivalent, or any major award for salary purposes;
iv. Must apply with a supervisor who is a university faculty member;
v. Must undertake the fellowship on a full-time basis in the Province of Manitoba; and
vi. Should undertake the fellowship in a research environment different from their doctoral or previous postdoctoral work OR clearly demonstrate that this postdoctoral training is complementary to their previous training.

Partner Eligibility Requirements
The following are eligibility requirements for funding from partner organizations:

CancerCare Manitoba
• The supervisor of the trainee has an appointment with CancerCare Manitoba or the Research Institute in Oncology and Hematology (RIOH).

Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM)
• The supervisor of the trainee is a member of CHRIM;
• The project must be directly relevant to child health (basic, clinical, community/population health);
• The supervisor must have adequate operating funding for the trainee’s project;
• The award is for two years provided it is matched by the supervisor. If the supervisor cannot match the funding, the award will be for one year.

Everything you will need to apply can be found in the following guides:
Health Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Guide
GMS User Guide for Trainees

Everything your Supervisor and Department Head will need to know can be found in the:
GMS User Guide for Supervisors and Department Heads
Referee Instructions Guide