Please visit www.rithim.ca for more information.

RITHIM is a provincial initiative to simplify health research ethics and privacy approvals. RITHIM is a new project of Research Manitoba.

As part of RITHIM, we are creating a unified health research ethics and privacy review board for the province known as the Committee for Harmonized Health Impact, Privacy, and Ethics Review (CHIPER). When CHIPER begins reviewing applications, it will replace the University of Manitoba’s Health Research Ethics Board (HREB) and Biomedical Research Ethics Board (BREB), as well as the Health Information Privacy Committee (HIPC) and other Research Ethics Boards that handle health research reviews in Manitoba. In addition to ethics and privacy reviews, CHIPER will streamline the institutional impact reviews across the province.  

We are also creating a new digital portal known currently as the Provincial Research Administration System (PRAS), where Principal Investigators can apply online to have their projects reviewed by CHIPER.

CHIPER is currently expected to officially launch in late 2021.

If you’d like to learn more about RITHIM please watch the Webinar with Freyja Arnason.