New Investigator Operating Grants

June 11, 2019
2019 Grants & Awards Competition

Research Manitoba and our partners are pleased to announce the successful recipients for the 2019 Grants & Awards Competition!

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New Investigator Operating Grants are designed to defray the normal direct costs of research including, among others where applicable, personnel costs, supplies and expendable materials, experimental animals, equipment, computer costs, and publication costs. These funds are also intended to help establish independent research programs  within the province and achieve the research productivity necessary for obtaining longer term and more substantial funding from the national and other external agencies.

In the 2019 Competition there will be up to 5 New Investigator Operating Grants awarded in each category (health, social sciences and the humanities, natural sciences and engineering).

Everything you will need to apply can be found in the following guides:
New Investigators Program Guide
New Investigators GMS User Guide

Please note the NEW eligibility criteria for the New Investigators for the 2019-20 competition:

- Investigators must be within the first three (3) years of their initial faculty appointment at the Assistant Professor (or equivalent) level in North America, as of the application deadline.  Exceptions for health applications: Clinician scientists who have held an academic appointment in the Assistant  Professor (or equivalent) rank in North America for longer than three (3) years, will be eligible if they are still within the first three (3) years of the start of their independent research career, as of the application deadline. The start of an independent research career is defined as the date at which s/he received funding for a research project in which s/he was a Principal Investigator (PI) on a peer-review grant.

- Applicants who are on a limited term, or contingency hires must ask their Deans/Department Heads to provide and letter with the application stating that the applicant's term at the institution will be extended to cover the length of the Research Manitoba award term, and that the applicant's department intends to allow the applicant to apply for a tenured position within the department by, or at the end of their term.