May 8, 2024 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Today, Research Manitoba announces a total investment of $1,668,251 over two years in research funding to support 16 new Innovation Proof-of-Concept (IPoC) Grants.

Learn more about the recipients and their projects here.

These projects aim to address significant challenges in areas including cancer research, climate change, sustainable manufacturing, and digital agriculture, with the ultimate goal of commercialization. Research Manitoba’s investment will leverage industry funds and will support Manitoba-based projects in the areas of:

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Raghavan Jayaraman (University of Manitoba / Reliable Tire Recycling)
  • Raghavan Jayaraman (University of Manitoba)
  • Janfizza Bukhari and Gbenga Asala (Red River College Polytechnic)
  • Xihui Liang with Carson Leung & Parlmala Thulaslraman (University of Manitoba / Standard Aero)


  • Cristina Rosell with Thomas Netticadan (University of Manitoba)
  • Lisa Bako (University of Manitoba / Cubresa)
  • Qiuyan Yuan (University of Manitoba) (awarded two grants)
  • Sabine Mai (University of Manitoba)
  • Thomas Klonisch with Sabine Homback-Klonisch & Frederick Zeller (University of Manitoba / Monteris Medical)
  • Vahab Khoshdel with Joe LoVetri (University of Manitoba)

Information and Communications Technology

  • Can-Ming Hu (University of Manitoba)
  • Mohammad Asefi with Dustin Isleifson (University of Manitoba / TerraWave Radar Solutions)
  • Nasem Badreldin (University of Manitoba)

Infrastructure and Transportation Industries and Technologies

  • Dan Butterworth with Qiuyan Yuan (University of Manitoba / SRML/ DAL Projects)
  • Gary Stern with Paul Larson (University of Manitoba)

The IPoC Grant supports Manitoba industries and academic partnerships by bridging the funding gap between basic research, and development and commercialization, supporting activities directly related to process validation and proof-of-concept research.

This program provides funding through two streams:

  • IPoC Stream 1: Manitoba-Based Consortium supports the collaboration of academic researchers and local companies to address a company-specific discovery or innovation toward market usability. This stream allows academics to use their world-class knowledge, facilities, and highly qualified personnel to close the knowledge gaps identified during the industry partner’s innovation development.
  • IPoC Stream 2: Manitoba Post-Secondary Researchers supports the advancement of discoveries or innovations within an academic setting, which may result in products or technologies, towards market usability. These projects engage post-secondary students, giving them skills and opportunities to contribute to innovative solutions.

“Our IPOC program supports so many diverse, groundbreaking projects with global impacts. We are pleased to see that projects that deal with environmental repair, cancer detection improvements, and technology advancements are developing right here in Manitoba through the skills of our talented research community. These collaborations between academia and industry promise not only technological breakthroughs but also significant social and environmental benefits, resulting in sustainable practices and innovative solutions to real-world problems.”

Jennifer Cleary

CEO, Research Manitoba

“The Manitoba government is glad to support these innovative projects, which are a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity, driving economic growth, and improving the lives of all Manitobans. Each project, from advancing brain research to developing sustainable materials, represents a step forward in our journey toward a more sustainable and prosperous future. We are proud to support initiatives that not only advance researcher’s careers, but also contribute to the well-being of Manitobans and Canadians at large.”

Honourable Renée Cable

Minister, Advanced Education and Training

Find out more about the Innovation Proof-of-Concept Program here


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